ORCA SOUND is the alias of Jolyon Klean. A London born DJ and producer based in Ibiza. OS has been playing the international circuit for 15 years playing a unique style of progressive and melodic house. His style and sound is inspired by the breakbeat and jungle sounds he grew up with but has an appreciation for for all music types.

Orca Sound is known for donating part of his DJ fee to ocean projects and set about redefining his audience as a community. Jolyon’s passion for the sustainability of the natural world and his ecute understanding of how brands and talent interact with their audience formed the basis of his venture Orca Sound Project. Orca Sound gives a % of his DJ performance and record sales earnings to support community based projects that help protect our oceans. Energising and exploring new awareness and fundraising strategies for global causes is an exciting part of the Orca Sound DJ brand. In response to the global virus pandemic and a time when the world is becoming fractured and isolated, Jolyon adapted his work to be able to continue his mission and vision. To keep people engaged and the global community inspired and growing, Jolyon co produced and delivered Lost Horizon, the world’s largest virtual reality music and arts festival. World-wide audience of 4.36 million viewers from 1,100+ cities and 100 countries around the world.